Tool Box Fuel Tank Combo

The Tool Box Fuel Tank Combo, aka the Logger/Hoe Operator’s Best Friend. Up to a maximum of 450L and room for all your tools, with one of these boxes you know you’ve got what you need to get the job done.

$1895 – Standard 3/16″ Fuel Tank
$2495 – Standard 3/16″ Fuel Tank with 1/8″ Tool Box Combo
$3350 – With Pump
$350 – Plumb tank to truck fuel system (not including electrical connections)

450L Tool/Fuel Combo Dimensions

  • The “L” shaped fuel tank comes in 56″ or 48″ width options with a taper to 48″ to fit between the wheel wells
  • 48″ wide tool box available in a range of sizes